About brand name "Diadema"

The Symbol of the brand consists of an emblem in the form of stylized jewellery diadem, logo “DIADEMA” and additional company inscription “Jewellery Company”. The symbol of the company is a registered trademark, therefore, has the ®-mark Registered (Trademark) Sign, which is an integral part of the logo. The word DIADEMA has two arts to it reflecting the name Derun of two brothers-founders of the company. “Dia” is a Latin word for diameter, segment that connects two points of the circle and “Demo” is a Latin word for demonstration. It is a geometrical figure is a symbol for the notion “family circle”. Two points and lines of the circle are two brothers. The line that connects any two points of the circle is a diameter – a symbol that real success can only be reached through the combination of best features that form the marital bliss, favorable environment in the family and human wellbeing in general.

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